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Mission Statement

Green Village Plan Development's enterprise mission is to provide technical, physical, educational, managerial and financial means to help create a sustainable and healthy future for farmers, women and children of rural communities; for the current and future generations to gain control over their resources; and for the rural communities to gain the ability to develop their own land's potential and to open this potential to external markets.

Green Village Plan Development is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization that applies measures for sustainability in rural African communities. A young and passionate organization with its roots in Ghana, our team is made up of professionals from various backgrounds and nationalities, who share the common vision of helping rural communities to develop and gain control over their own resources. We operate in partnership with our branches in Sweden and Denmark. 

Our main objective is to improve the living conditions of rural area populations, one of the main focuses of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. We are currently present in Ghana and starting up in Sierra Leone, with a long term ambition to reach rural communities all over Africa. 

Ghana is a developing country that is rich in natural resources and is gradually following measures to become a fully developed nation. However, on this journey to development, the country's rural communities have been neglected and barred from having the same access and rights as the cities. The poorest of the country's population live in rural areas, where most live from farming. A yearly income for rural farmers can be around 500 US dollars and depends heavily on harvests and man power. These regions are also subject to diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, that cause not only physical, but also economic loss. Loans are generally expensive in Ghana and micro-loans are not always an option in rural areas.

Aiming at closing the gap between the living standards of rural communities and those of cities, Green Village Plan Development works to create a sustainable and healthy future for generations of farmers, women and children in rural communities. To achieve this goal, GVPD is made out of two subdivisions, Green Village Agriculture Development (GVAD) and Green Village Social & Health Development (GVSHD).

Green Village in Denmark and Dreamverkstad (Green Village Plan Development) in Sweden are our offices located in Scandinavia that assist and support our field activities in Africa. Their work is initiated and conducted in-house or in cooperation with us.